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December Donation to South East Bay Pediatric Medical Group in Fremont on 12/24/2020

Updated: May 10, 2022

A few weeks ago we delivered PPE to South East Bay Pediatric Medical Group for the second time. They were a pleasure to deal with as always, and were super friendly and appreciative. Donating to medical groups is always uplifting because a simple action can affect so many patients. Children who may be at risk for Covid-19 or any disease can be positively impacted just from a little extra protection on the pediatrician’s part. 2020 was quite the unexpected year, but things can only get better. Hopefully our PPE donations will one day no longer be needed!

written by Erin Yang

This month, we revisited the South East Bay Pediatric Medical Group, donating to them once again. Given the circumstances and in accordance with the continuously changing Covid-19 situation, we adjusted our delivery process a bit, taking care to minimize our interactions. We briefly exchanged a few words, and even in that short time, there was a sense of mutual appreciation and understanding, as we all are struggling, yet working together in this time of hardship.

written by Ella Jeon \

We donated 30 gowns, 40 N95 masks, 300 disposable masks(level 2), 208 oz of hand sanitizer and 25 face shields.

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