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EBPPE Donation to Fremont Senior Center on 09/09/2020

We dropped off our donation to the Fremont Human Services building under a bright orange sky and a light rain of ash. Marisha told us that our PPE would be put to good use as many are struggling from the effects of both COVID-19 and the California wildfires. The Human Services department is actually an umbrella under which the senior center lies, so donating to the entire department means that our PPE can be distributed to a more diverse population, and not just senior citizens. I’m really glad that we did this because demand has always been high and the fires and smoke are not helping those numbers. Hopefully some less fortunate people will be safer and healthier from our donation!

Written by Erin Yang

We donated 50 hand-made cotton masks, 400 disposable masks, 40 3-D printed ear savers and 30 face shields.

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